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What we do

The Green Airliner is an asset management company, which excels in commercial asset redeployment, at anytime in aircraft program cycle, from production to decommissioning.

Our Company has made a deliberate choice of dedicating our resources to serving our customers with a set of compelling services in expensive rotable assets, including but not limited to engines, landing gear ship-sets, nacelles and expensive avionics.

Our investment tradeoffs offer a liquid, solid and reliable underlying asset-base portfolio to our investors or lenders.


What we do

Our Governance

The Green Airliner was established in Switzerland in 2007. It is independent and debt-free.

From the start, we have always been entertaining unambiguous business practices contemplating a stringent code of ethics along with KYCs and KYSs, respect of confidentiality, trust in individuals and a continuous dedication in serving our customers which we believe is a set of necessary condition to last and thrive.

We also emphasize on preserving in-house our experience and intelligence.

Our Governance

Our Vision

The Green Airliner adopts a disciplined approach on its investments, seeking to create a portfolio of new or used, midlife to end-of-life, commercial aircraft asset. This strategy offers a comprehensive approach to control asset risks along with business maturity of our assets.

Our assets are on use all over the five continents; we clearly ambition to strengthen our position in the marketplace and be recognized as an unrivaled global leader in aircraft asset management before the end of this decade.

Our Vision

We Finance Rotables

We finance valuable materials in the scope of your aircraft program development

We Structure Transactions

You get fresh funds without impacting your operations with sale and leaseback transactions

We Offer Material Pool Services

You increase reliability of your operations or the protection of your fleet thanks to our materials

We Trade Surplus Materials

We help you to liquidate unused assets through our optimized and tailor-made solutions

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