Creation of AeroGreen to promote rotable financing

November 15, 2014

Creation of AeroGreen to promote rotable financing

The Green Airliner has appointed KPMG and A&L Goodbody in Dublin, Ireland, to the creation of a fund dedicated to financing large, valuable rotables. It has also engaged discussions with a European bank that could support the project on the debt side.

This fund dubbed AeroGreen will purposely invest in used and new materials, in line with a comprehensive strategy of asset specialization, covering nacelles, engines and landing gear ship-sets, mostly suitable for Airbus family.

Francois Dubrulle, The Green Airliner CEO underlined “an opportunity to multiply the volume of financing, so the size of a portfolio we possess and control already — this will give a boost to our growth within the next coming years. He went on to stress “the capability of the company to firmly execute its plan, thanks to its resources and sound experience cumulated over the last decade of existence of the company.”

Aerogreen will become the financial-arm of The Green Airliner and has been designed to highly-leverage private finance to fund structured transactions The Green Airliner has developed throughout a good deal-flow. The fund targets to achieve a total investment target of up to USD 300 million by the end of 2016.

The Green Airliner is a leader in aeronautical asset management. It provides financial and operational solutions to large commercial aircraft owners and MROs. As a young, fast-growing company, The Green Airliner has been cumulating an significant portfolio of business credentials as well as a great deal of confidence from large aeronautical groups and solid financial institutions.